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Terry Frenz II

Terry Frenz II, a native of Canton, Ohio, graduate of Marlington H.S. and OSU, for 3 years was lead trumpet for the famed Glenn Miller Orchestra. He appeared with Doc Severensen, Wynton Marsalis and dozens of recording artists. He left a stellar career to play lead trumpet for the Lord at age 31.


Dear Friends

The Son Brother

The Artist

The Teacher

The Man

Terry Sr., & Tim

Scholarship Fund

Dear Friends

On the unfortunate occasion of Terry's death, hundreds of you asked what you could in the face of such an apparent tragedy. We prepare for many things in life, but laying your child to rest is not one of them. There is no way of being prepared for this event. If you would please browse this web site and share it with your friends, together we will be able to continue the incredible music and teaching that Terry started. By perpetuating his music and his memory we will be able to assist other fine young people in the quest for excellence and understanding. We awarded our first two scholarships July 7, 1998.

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The Son and Brother

Terry was the first of two sons. No one could ask for a better child. It would not be possible to deliver one. As a very young boy, he was very much into self-correction. If he erred or did something he wasn't supposed to, he simply corrected himself. As unbelievable as it seems, there was very little correction needed. It is as if his childhood was pre-organized for us. He decided all on his own that he would be a trumpet player. Both Mom and Dad were trumpet players, so he would be one, too. Case closed! We never had to remind him to practice or to do any music related activity. He simply did them. His influence on his high school band and friends was enormous. He set a blistering standard for his friends and several of them constantly pushed to keep up all through high school. We had an incredible band. He was very well liked because he was himself, not because he was the directors' son. He was very friendly and outgoing. He was and honors student and graduated with academic honors. He truly was a model student and son. The Ohio Brass Factory was originally created as a showcase for Terry and his friends.

One of the strongest influences in his life was his young brother, Tim. At age two, it became clear that Tim was handicapped. Terry never faltered or complained about the special attention this situation demanded. He very quickly became the third parent. We know there were a lot of times Terry would rather have chosen a different activity, but he chose to take his brother with him into scouting and music activities. One of the more memorable scenes was Terry carrying a one hundred-pound brother out of a forest hiking trip because of a sprained ankle. All through high school and college and into both their adult lives, he was the protector and defender of his brother's dignity. He made sure Tim was included in life, not excluded.

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The Artist

His compositions and arrangements were certainly a vital part of his professional life. However, Terry was best known in public life as a stellar performer. The clarity, technical dexterity, range, warmth and feeling that were a standard trademark of Terry's playing made him the trumpet player of choice among most band leaders throughout Ohio where he spent most of his life.

"When Terry was on the band, I knew we were rock solid"

Larry O'Brien - Glenn Miller Orchestra

"He was such a gentleman -- as well as a tremendous talent"

Jack Schantz - Cleveland Jazz Orchestra

"His playing gave me goose bumps"

Unknown Fan

"Terry was a great example of why it's called 'lead trumpet'."

He had performed on almost every major show that came through northern and central Ohio. The reviews of his album reflect the impact he was having on those who were for fortunate enough to here him play:

"For his fiery, crisp solos and ability to lead a modern, swinging big band, trumpeter Terry Frenz II is the Doc Severinsen of his generation."

Nancy Ann Lee, National Jazz Journal

"His soloistic sound…technique and playing abilities present the finest lead trumpet playing…in combination with creative jazz arrangements and outstanding big band playing lends this recording to a must for any jazz listener."

John Simma, Director, WCLV Radio

"From the big band to jazz combo, Frenz shares a full range of jazz tunes that showcase this excellent band. It's obvious why these are Frenz' "Friends". For faithful standards and innovative new charts, this is the big band recording for everyone."

Chris Donze, Great Works Publishing, Inc.

There is little question that Terry was a player's player. Having him on the band added so much class and strength to the group that everyone comes up a notch or two. Reading his performing credits is like a who's who in jazz and big band music. Names like Doc Severinsen, Wynton Marsalis, Rosemary Clooney, Mel Torme, Slide Hampton, Guy Lombardo, Maynard Ferguson, Cleo Laine and dozens of others all had the opportunity to be a part of Terry's career. He was an artist performer for the Yamaha Corporation and then The Boosey and Hawks-Beeson Corporation, presenting clinics and concerts to thousands of students throughout the United States.

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The Teacher

When Terry was in high school he began to give lessons to his friends, who constantly asked, "how do you do that?" From that beginning he was able to set in motion a one on one impact with a thousand young lives that all aspired to be like him. The letters proclaiming influence on their lives from students and parents alike arrive on a daily basis. Terry had the ability to draw the very best from almost any student at any performing level and inspire them to push themselves to a much higher plane. He recently finished a method book for intermediate and advanced trumpet players. This book offers several warm-ups, exercises, etudes, and studies for the advancement of technical skills, range, and endurance studies as well as a glossary, and a bit of philosophy on trumpet playing and achievement in general. This book is available from The Brass Factory Foundation and Great Lakes Music in Cleveland.

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The Man

Terry was an avid supporter of the Boy Scout program. He achieved many of scouting's highest honors, including Eagle Scout, God & Country, Order of the Arrow, Pipestones and several other awards. He was active in the performance of music in the church and was very generous in the support of persons and students that were in need of financial assistance. Terry had a very long list of close friends that he stayed in touch with and honored on several occasions with his music. He was a loyalist to his companions, respecting each individual's right to choose their own life and lifestyle. His hobbies included hiking, boating, water-skiing, and athletic activities in addition to his composing, arranging and record listening activities. He was fascinated by the study of Indian lore, and the life of the lone wolf. He was a competitor in almost every endeavor, pushing himself to new limits at every opportunity. Back to top

Terry Sr. & Tim

After 32 years as a high school band director, predominately at Marlington H. S., Dr Frenz is in his 17th year as the director of the Bearcat Bands at the University of Cincinnati. Linda Frenz passed awai in 1999.. Tim works at a facility for adult handicapped persons and plays the Tuba. "Doc" Terry has remarried to Debbie (colorguard history) and has started his four granddaughters down the musical path.

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